Central Minnesota Conference Press Release

To: CMC spectators, fans, and non-conference opponents

From: CMC Superintendents and Activities Directors

Date: January 8th, 2021

Re: Spectators for all events for Winter 2020-2021 Seasons

The Central Minnesota Conference has decided today, January 8th, 2021, that due to COVID-19 spectator guidelines and member schools facility limitations, all contests, conference and non-conference, will be limited to home fans only, up to two per participant, for a period of time not to end before 2/1/2021.

In order to allow visiting team families and spectators to view the sporting events, the Central Minnesota Conference has built a website that will house all information pertaining to Central Minnesota Conference contests. This website will have roster information, schedule links, live streaming links, home spectator ticket purchasing links, as well as other pertinent information that a school wishes to share with the general public. This website will be open and fully accessible to the public at all times and not restricted to the team(s) that are participating against one another.

Please have the understanding that with live streaming, some member schools may choose (or are mandated) to pay for their live stream with the system(s) they operate which may have additional costs associated. Additionally, member schools may not have the ability to broadcast all levels of play as their own unique situations may provide challenges.

All member schools realize the gravity of the decision to only allow home spectators into sporting contests, but member schools also need to be realistic in the spaces they operate as well as what is safest in maintaining the ability to play the sports that our athletes love.

The decision that was made today may be revisited as time progresses, where the Central Minnesota Conference may allow more home spectators as their facility allows in their own unique situations.

Link to CMC Event Website: Central MN Conference Website

John Phelps, Royalton
Patrick Walsh, BBE
Mike Rowe, Maple Lake
Mark Messman, Eden Valley-Watkins
Chris Swenson, Holdingford
Matt Bullard, Paynesville
Nels Onstad, ACGC
Erik Widvey, Kimball
Activities Directors
Anthony Neumann, Royalton
Rick Gossen, BBE
Dale Decker, Maple Lake
Dave Schneider, Eden Valley-Watkins
Jason Bruns, Holdingford
Max Meagher, Paynesville
Marj Maurer, ACGC
Clay Anderson, Kimball