ACGC Pre School

Late Start/Early Out Information

If ACGC Schools 2 hours late. AM Preschool starts at 10 am School Daycare opens at 8:30

If ACGC Schools 1 hour late. AM Preschool starts at 9 am School Daycare opens at 7:30

If school gets out early and is going to close before 2 pm, there will be no PM preschool.

Visual Phonics

In Kindergarten Connection Preschool we use sign language & Visual Phonics. Visual Phonics are hand signals that we use in conjunction with letter sounds. They are a visual reminder of what the letter sounds like. We wanted to post the video, so children could show their parents. We also thought it would be a good reminder of sign language and Visual Phonics to review over the summer!
Thank you to Miss Chelsey (Minnesota Reading Corps) for recording and to Mrs. Julie for teaching us about Visual Phonics!

AM Kindergarten Connections Class
PM Kindergarten Connections Class

Lissa Borchert

Kindergarten Connection (4-5 year olds)
Phone: 320.244.4710

Michelle Behm

Hop, Skip & Jump (3-4 year olds)
Prek Combo Class (3-5 year olds)
ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education)
Phone: 320.244.4709

Peggy Starz

Phone: 320.244.4641

Julie Fischer

Special Education (birth-5 year olds)
Phone: 320.244.4640